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Tom Mylan's School/Butcher Shop to Open in Three Weeks

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Brooklyn Kitchen's Harry Rosenblum writes in to announce that the cooking school/butcher shop he and ex-Marlow & Daughters butcher Tom Mylan are working on in Williamsburg will be opening on November 11. Brooklyn Kitchen Labs and The Meat Hook spans over 7,000 square feet of a former warehouse by the BQE and will include two teaching kitchens, a butcher shop, a library of rare and out-of-print cookbooks, and a shop of baking supplies and bulk items like olive oil and flour. For the most part, classes will be one-offs with no requirements geared towards both pros and amateurs. Get more info here, here, and here.
· The Brooklyn Kitchen Labs [Brooklyn Kitchen]

Brooklyn Kitchen Labs and The Meat Hook

100 Frost St., Brooklyn, NY

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