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Grimaldi's Manhattan on the Verge of Eviction

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For those FiDi workers and residents anxiously awaiting the debut of a three floor Manhattan Grimaldi's complete with rooftop dining and VIP access for the residents of 200 Water Street—it's hard to be the ones to bring this news. They're probably not coming. Following months of little to no construction activity at the Grimaldi's FiDi site, a notice has appeared on the door from the lawyers of the landlord demanding the $25,631 that Grimaldi's owes for two months back rent, legal fees, and water and sewage charges. And if they don't pay up by November 5, they'll have to surrender the space. If the don't vacate the premises, it's eviction time. Says a tipster, "Looks like Manhattanites will have to keep walking over the bridge for the foreseeable future." Take a look at the bill:


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Grimaldi's Pizza - Manhattan

656 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10010 (646) 484-5665

Grimaldi's Manhattan

135 John St., New York, NY