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Empire Diner, a Chelsea Icon, For Lease

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Not a great couple of years for diners. According to a listing from Square Foot Realty, the iconic landmarked Empire Diner is up for lease (download the flyer here). With any luck, the Empire won't go the way of the Cheyenne or Moondance diners, which were both shipped off out of state when the new owners had no interest in keeping them. The listing for the space, which has 3,000 total square feet of ground floor and basement space, doesn't reveal the rent or key money price, but it does make sure to mention that the diner made appearances in such vital films as "Home Alone 2, Men in Black 2, See You in the Morning, Igby Goes Down" and TV shows Law & Order and SNL. The current owners will move out by the end of 2009. Diner-savior Michael Perlman, you have two months to work that magic.
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Empire Diner

210 10th Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10011 (212) 335-2277 Visit Website

Empire Diner

210 Tenth Ave., New York, NY