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Rose Bar Keeps Its Khan

This week's news that Josh Pickard was now in charge of the food and beverage program at the Gramercy Park Hotel left many wondering what that meant for Nur Khan, the nightlife impresario who helped owner Ian Schrager's vision for Rose Bar. Rather than trade in gossip, Eater went right to Nur to put all the rumors to rest. His take: "I'm excited to work with someone as accomplished as Josh. The Rose Bar will be run exactly the same way it has always been, and to answer your question, my role will not change one bit, and yes Damion will still man the door." Pickard stresses that his role is mostly one of support, saying, "my primary goal is to provide additional support to the exceptional job that Nur Khan and Frank Roberts continue to do. There is no need for me to fix something that is not broken."

Going forward, there could be some changes afoot in the Gramercy hotspot. According to Nur, "we have some fantastic plans for the Rose and Jade Bars, and Private Roofclub, including more of my impromptu performances of 'The Rose Bar Sessions' from some of the hottest artists. We will be offering more late night food service, and early evening events and entertainment." It sounds like its Top Five ranking is secure for now.
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Rose Bar

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