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Big Wigs Respond to Michael's Dicey Twitter Move

Last week, the Midtown's power lunching clubhouse Michael's started broadcasting via twitter the identity of its most well known patrons. Thus, we've been grading the room all week. Today the Times has a follow up to see what the well heeled clientele think of this virtual stalking, and unsurprisingly they walk away with some divergent responses. Some figure that since Michael's is the place to see and be seen, the practice is accepted if not encouraged. Others, of course, call it out as a invasion of privacy.

Anna Wintour: “It’s not something I was aware of but it is probably ill-advised.”

Ad man Jerry della Femina: “It would be an invasion of my public persona if they didn’t mention me...and if I was left out I would be really insulted.”

Owner Michael McCarty: “It is a celebration of the guests in our restaurant. No one comes here to hide.”
Stay tuned to see who comes in today.
· Bold Faced Names in Real Time [NYT]


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