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Daniel Enacts Post-Bruni/Michelin $10 Price Hike

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Krieger, 9/11/08

Early last year, after a glowing three spot from the Brunz, the now shuttered Soho restaurant Fiamma raised the price of its prix fixe meal from $75 to $95, eventually lowering it back after getting chastised by the B man. A tipster evokes that story when reporting that Daniel, which was recently re-four stared (and more recently Michelin three starred, the more likely culprit), has also enacted a price jack.

Granted, it's less severe, and the restaurant's most economical option, the three course tasting menu, has stayed solidly at $105. But yesterday Daniel's six course tasting menu went from $175 to $185, its eight course menu from $195 to $205. We await the official reason from Boulud Enterprises (price increase on foie gras?) but a hostess summed it up thusly, "Things change."

The tipster mentions that "at eight courses for $205 without tax or tip, it beats Per Se as the most expensive non-Japanese restaurant in New York." Per Se, with gratuity included, is right now $275 for nine courses.
· Bruni Revisits Fiamma, Giving Restaurants New Bruni Problem [~ENY~]


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