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In The House!! at Michael's, 10/21/09

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Recently, someone at midtown power lunch spot Michael's decided it would be a good idea stalk their own patrons, often of public note, by constantly posting a running tally of notable guests lunching in their dining room on Twitter. So, we're keeping tabs on their name check. Today, things are without a doubt up a notch from yesterday's C list performance, but this practice still raises the question: Michael's, why?

Harvey Weinstein: Evil twin, co-founder of Miramax and the Weinstein Company.
James Nederlander Jr.: President of the Nederlander Organization.
Rosana Scotto: WNYW's news anchor.
Nancy Shevell: Current Paul McCartney Girlfriend.
Richard Belzer: Sgt. John Munch.
Bonnie Timmerman: Film & TV casting director.
David Vigliano: Lit agent.
Brian Williams: Host of NBC Nightly News.
Ron Meyer: President and COO of Universal Studios.
Gerald Imber: Plastic surgeon.
Jerry Della Femina: Advertising executive.
Michael Kramer: Veteran audiobook narrator.
Charla Krupp: Author, How Not to Look Old.
Vivi Nevo: Israeli venture capitalist, major Time Warner shareholder.
Anna Wintour: Vogue Editor.
Charlie Rose: Journalist and host of Charlie Rose.
Andrew Stein: New York City politician.
Chrystia Freeland: US Managing editor of the Financial Times.
Robert Ruben [Rubin?]: Former Secretary of the Treasury.
Jamie Niven: Sotheby's vice chairman.
Harrietta [Henrietta?] Spencer Churchill: Daughter of the Duke of Marlborough.


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