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Dave Chang's VIP Wall and His Troubles With Chez Pim

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Photo via OAD

After seeing a tweet by well known food blogger and author Pim Techamuanvivit, aka Chez Pim, about the whole Dave Chang v. San Francisco fracas, Steve Plotnicki gets on his blog to report on a purported back story between the chef and the blogger. Apparently Chang's rubbed Pim the wrong way for quite awhile, and Plotnicki explains why; the whole thing is a bit involved and completely gossipy, but it's worth a read for those who enjoy this sort of thing as much as we do. The biggest takeaway, however, is that Chang has a VIP wall in the basement of Ssam Bar (and probably the other Momos) with pictures of out-of-town chefs that are in the area, important NYC chefs, critics, and the like. A recent picture of the wall is above; see how many you recognize.

As for Dave Chang and San Francisco, Bourdain is in the comments on Eater National offering his thoughts.
· What Does Pim Have Against David Chang? [OAD]

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