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In The House!! at Michael's, 10/20/09

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Recently, someone at midtown power lunch spot Michael's—an ambitious low-level intern, perhaps?—decided it would be a good idea stalk their own patrons, often of public note, they, by constantly posting a running tally of notable guests lunching in their dining room on Twitter. Unlike at a Bar Mitzvah, a call to the dance floor of this sort isn't so welcome—or is it? Perusing today's list, one cannot help be struck by the lack of, shall we say, wattage, begging the query: Michael's, has it come to this?

Chrystia Freeland: US Managing Editor of the Financial Times
Lyor Cohen: CEO of Recorded Music for Warner Music Group
Steven Haft: Film & TV producer (MADTV, Dead Poets Society)
David Columbia: Founder, New York Social Diary
Emilia Saint-Amand: Writer, New York Social Diary
Peggy Siegal: Infamous New York publicist
Jonathan Knee: Author, "The Accidental Investment Banker."
Michael Price: Value investor and fund manager
Pamela Gross [Finkelstein?]: Founding editor of Manhattan File Magazine and a co-founder of
Melania Trump: Married to Donald Trump
Robert Zimmerman [aka Bob Dylan?]: Iconic musician
Sara Nelson: Critic for The Daily Beast, former editor in chief of Publishers Weekly
Jordan Ringel: Pavia & Harcourt Senior Lawyer
Pauletta Washington: Married to Denzel Washington
Michael Wolf: MTV COO and President
Stanley Shuman: Managing Director of investment firm Allen & Company LLC
Tony Hoyt: ?
Jim Abernathy: ?
Lisa Birnbach: Writer for the Huffington Post, author of The Preppy Handbook
Jonathan Wald: Former VSP at CNBC
Joanne Lipman: Former editor, Portfolio Magazine


[Patrons in red received the coveted DOUBLE EXCLAMATION MARK on the Michael's Twitter. Know something about someone listed here that we don't? The tipline, or the comments, seek your knowledge. Merci.

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