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The MomoTat, Pickard Takes Over Gramercy Park Hotel

GRAMERCY— Reps for the Gramercy Park Hotel report that Josh Pickard—he of Joe’s Pub, Locanda Verde, Lure Fishbar, Chinatown Brasserie, and a soon to open project in the Cub Room space—is now in charge of the food and beverage program at the Gramercy Park Hotel, "including the Rose Bar, Jade Bar, Room Service and Banquets outside of Danny Meyer’s restaurants, Mailiino and the Private Roof Club and Garden." They explain however that since the spaces are "so incredibly successful" not much will change in terms of operation: "There will be no need for Josh to fix something that is not broke." [EaterWire]

MOMOFUKUCRAZYLAND— For its final giveaway, Eater National is asking readers to explain why they are David Chang's number one fan. Says the husband of the woman above: "Well done Mr. Chang, your mark is now all over my wife's rear-end. I'm not sure I really want to encourage this type of behavior, but if she isn't one of his biggest fans, I don't know who is." [Eater National]
WHOLE DI— Fork in Road chats with Tyler Kord, the chef at Brooklyn's No. 7 about his upcoming sandwich shop in the Ace Hotel. It will include "seven or eight kind of goofy subs that don't exist in the world yet" along with more expected sandwiches made with "plain jane" ingredients. All of the bread will be made in house. [FiTR]

No. 7 Sub

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Gramercy Park Hotel

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