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Behold, the Standard's Black Bar

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Up on the 18th floor of the Standard Hotel, across the hall from the Boom Boom Room, sits this baby girl, which we're going to go ahead and call the Standard's Black Bar. Here, the second half of the Meatpacking hotel's top floor nightlife program, rumors of a hot tub were not only true but grossly understated, the plunge pool up here being at least big enough to accommodate twenty drunk people looking to get laid. Standard owner André Balazs designed this room himself — Roman & Williams, the design firm, designed the Boom Boom Room and the rest of the hotel — right down to the Quicksilver board shorts vending machine up and running therein. One all-in react here that wouldn't necessarily be wrong is, good thing that vending machine also sells condoms. Hotel reps have barely acknowledged this room exists, let alone dropped word of an opening date, so best as we can tell you, please stand by.
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The Standard Black Bar

848 Washington Street, 18th Floor, NY NY