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SLA Smackdown: Commission Recommends Massive Overhaul

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Finally, something may actually be done about the gross backlog at the State Liquor Authority. For the past year, new restaurants have suffered increased delays in getting liquor licenses and, to add insult to injury, a new crack down on illegal BYOB policies. The result: new restaurants are left dry and empty on Saturday nights. The Post reports that a new commission has called out the agency for being "beset by poor management, enforcement failures and massive license backlogs that cheat taxpayers out of millions of dollars and 'jeopardize public health and safety.'" This just six months after the SLA office was raided and its chair kicked to the curb.

The commission recommended allowing BYOB programs for restaurants waiting for their licenses, an overhaul of the understaffed agency, and a rewrite of the Alcohol and Beverage Control Law. For its part, the SLA has enacted a "Self-Certification Program" that should speed up the process.
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