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Boom Boom Room May Drop Killer Name, Relaunch as QT

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Steve Lewis brings the soul crushing news today that the hottest and best named space in town, the Standard Hotel's The Boom Boom Room, will soon be getting a new name: "...they were sort of trying out the name but decided we need a new one...we didn't realize how many other Boom Boom Rooms were out there, one of the names André Balazs is considering is QT, as in on the QT." (As in, on the quiet.) It was also the name of Balazs' midtown hotel of yore. The folks over at Grub Street are pretty sure that the name change is the result of a cease and desist letter from a San Francisco music venue of the same name. Because why else would Andre cede that moniker?

And to be frank, the QT name just does not play. Who wants to go to a bar called QT as opposed to the Boom Boom Room? Readers, it's time to take some action. Come up with the best replacement names, put them in the comments, and maybe Andre will change his mind.
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The Standard Hotel

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