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Amy Sacco: "I Am Not Closing"

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As has happened on more than one occasion the last few years, news of the closure and/or demise of Bungalow 8 dropped this morning. This latest report focused on the fact that the club is currently closed for renovations and has been, without anyone really noticing, for the last three months. Given the history, it is not an unreasonable conclusion that the club's epic run has finally ended. We have just reached Sacco directly, however, and she assures us that Bungalow 8 will live on. Being that Bungalow 8 is a giant, an aught years icon, we're more than a little motivated to take her at her word. Sacco on the record, via email:

"I just finally got the blockade reopened on the block after 3 long years! I am redoing the entire space to give it a facelift, that's really all. I am not closing. After all, I am one of the last places left on the block ... everyone else has closed except Marquee and Cain, the "good" neighbors. Pink Elephant is moving as well. People have said I have been closed for the last 5 years. It's a running joke. I will be launching Amsterdam as well in the next few months."
Exhale. And so our massive Bungalow 8 memorial service will have to wait. We'll see you at the door, when we all get denied entry at the re-opening party.
· Bungalow 8, 2001-2009 [Cityfile]

Bungalow 8

515 West 27th Street, NY NY