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Daily News Launches SATC/Bridget Jones Inspired Food Blog

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With so many food blogs out there, it's hard to think of what's actually missing. Yet, new sites continue to launch, including three new titles from the Daily News. The first two concepts are a little tired: a wine blog written by the guy who owns Avenue A's Discovery Wines and Mothership, a blog about a Park Slope mom trying to enforce her eating habits on her young children.

But here's something that fills the void: Full Plate, which the author Brooke Parkhurst, refers to as "a 'Carrie Bradshaw-cum-June Cleaver' style diary with a nod to Bridget Jones.' But that's not all. As she tries to "reclaim her kitchen" after a long book tour, she will rate progress with a "Daily Cooking Quotient" (or DCQ) between one and 10.

Bloggers, welcome to the dance floor.
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