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Investors May Bring Cafe des Artistes Back from the Dead

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Twas a sad day when the city learned this August the the summer of death (and the restaurant's union) had killed 92 year-old Upper West Side staple Cafe des Artistes. Local writers began penning the eulogies, while vendors stormed the courthouse to sue for debts. In the end, she filed for bankruptcy.

But perhaps today there is a silver lining. The owner of the building—and, by the way, the Cafe des Artistes name and famous murals—says a number of investors and restaurateurs are interested in reviving the space. The only problem is the pricey union that may have bankrupted the previous owners have a successor clause. So if a Nieporent or a Carter come in to reopen the place to revive its past glory, you can bet they'll want in on the action.
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Cafe des Artistes

1 West 67th St., New York, NY