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Win One of 50 (50!) Autographed Momofuku Cookbooks

All week, we've been giving away copies of the expletive-filled cookbook of the year, "Momofuku" to lucky readers who could come up with the best captions, names for MomoMidtown (now called Ma Peche), and photos of terrible food porn. The winners of the latest contest (which were culled from hundreds of nauseating entries) are above, for those who dare. Otherwise, on to today's contest.

What is the last image inside the MomoBook?

A) Dave Chang riding a go kart
B) Dave Chang eating noodles with Peter Meehan
C) A picture of Larry Bird
D) A collage of Momofuku pets
E) Dave Chang holding his face in his hands

The first five people to send the correct answer to (no multiple guessing, svp) wins.
UPDATE: And we have our winners. Answer is A. Dude's on a go kart.