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Boulud's Bar Pleiades, Mark, and Piquant Certified Open

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1) Upper East Side: Last week, Daniel Boulud reopened his longtime UES restaurant Cafe Boulud after a renovation, revealing a new look and a couple of new menu items. But tonight brings the bigger addition. Welcome Bar Pleiades, a joint venture between Boulud and the Surrey Hotel. Expect an upscale, classic environment with simple drinks as well as "global" cocktails. It's open seven days a week, noon till midnight, and bar food will be added eventually. Status: Certified Open; 20 E 76th St., 212-772-2600.

2) East Village: Mark, a new burger shop on St. Mark's Place, opened this afternoon. Found here: sliders (with beef ground in-house), fries, shakes, pies, microbrews and imported beers on tap. Status: Certified Open; 33 St. Marks Place, 212-677-3132, web.

4) Park Slope: Reps announce that Michael & Michel Issa have transformed their Mitchells Bar & Grill into Piquant, a two-story restaurant with modern Southwestern cuisine. Chef David Sharp will be serving up tacos, sliders, salsas, ceviches, short ribs, big eye tuna, and so on and so forth. Status: Opened last night; 259 Flatbush Ave., 718-484-4114.

5) Cobble Hill: Lost City reports on the opening of Ultimate Burgers and Dogs, a new burger, hot dog, and tater tots shop in the old Chicory space. Status: Certified Open; 243 DeGraw St., 718-797-2121.

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Bar Pleiades

20 East 76th St., New York, NY