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Win One of 50 (!) Autographed Momofuku Cookbooks

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All week, we've been giving away copies of the cookbook of the year, "Momofuku." First we ran a caption contest, then a name Momo Midtown challenge. Today, it's time to bring back a classic. One of the features of the MomoBook is, of course, a crazy amount of insane food porn. Really. Insane. Since it's hard to beat those photos, we'd like readers to do the opposite. Send us the worst food porn on the internet. See last year's winner and the runners up for inspiration. The best five pictures in to by midnight win a book.*

Now, on to the winners of yesterday's contest.

What should Dave Chang name Momofuku Midtown instead of Ma Peche?

Momo Se Momo Sa Momo Coo Sa


T.G.I. Fuku

'Uptown Ho'

Momofuku Sebiro (Japanese for suit, in honor of the diners who will be eating there)

*Winners can only win once and must be able to pick up their prize at Eater HQ in downtown Manhattan.

Má Pêche

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