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Denied: Community Rejects Plans for Artichoke West

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At last night’s Community Board 4 committee meeting, the Artichoke cousins, Tony and Francis, joined their new friend and partner, Noah Tepperberg, to apply for a liquor license for their new venture in the old Red Rock West space. While many, many people spoke in support of the license—including owners of local businesses, neighborhood residents, and neighbors of the 14th St. location—ultimately the concern voiced by the management of the Caledonia apartments across the street, and the residents of 457 W. 17th street, directly above the space, was enough to sway the board to reject the gang's proposal for a liquor license.

As it stands, the neighbors say they are already being driven crazy from the noise at 1Oak, and no matter how hard Team Artichoke tried to soften the image of the proposed space (at one point Tepperberg described it as a “chic modern Italian restaurant and Pizzeria offering lunch and brunch -- not a two or three star establishment, but nice”) it was pretty clear that with a full license, the new Artichoke would be the perfect boozy, end of the night destination for much of the Chelsea/Meatpacking nightlife crowd. They, of course still have a chance to win over the full board and later, the State Liquor Authority.

While the Artichoke crew might not have gotten what they wanted last night, their pitch to the CB4 was filled with a few interesting reveals on the new space. Tepperberg explained that one of the reasons they were seeking a full liquor license is that they had plans to offer an exclusive line of Artichoke beverages including Artichoke Beer and an Artichoke Martini. Also, floor plans of the space indicated that the slice joint and main restaurant are separated on street level by the vestibule for the apartments at 457, and connected only via a shared basement. Due to ventilation issues with the larger space, this means that all food that will be served in the main dining space will be made in the smaller slice joint, then ferried down a set of stairs into the basement, and up a set up stairs into the dining room. Nightmare. Also included in the materials that the Artichoke boys brought was also a mock-up of their new dining room menu. Here it is, transcribed word for word:

Artichoke Pizza and Bar:

Burnt Anchovy Twice Baked

Antipasti and Entrées:
Pasta of the Day
Beans and Mac
Kobe Meatballs w/Ricotta
Meatball Hero
Sausage Hero
Couliflower Fritters
Artichoke Fritters
Sopressata Plate w/Pecorino and Caponata
Broccoli Rabe w/Calmatta Olives
Fried Baby Artichokes Jewish-Roman Style
—Greg Morabito
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Artichoke Pizza

328 East 14th Street, New York, NY 10003

Artichoke West

457 W 17th St New York, NY 10011