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On The New SLA and How Bill's Bar and Burger Got It Done

For all of the belly aching over the scandal filled and highly inefficient State Liquor Authority and their liquor license application process, some operators simply know how to get it done. Case in point: Bill's Bar and Burger, Steve Hanson's latest venture that opened today in the former Hog Pit space smack dab in the middle of the Meatpacking District, managed to go from appearing on the Community Board's agenda to open with a full liquor license in less than three months. This is all possible thanks to the SLA's new self-certification program, allowing operators to open with a temporary liquor license while the application for their permanent license is still being processed. So how did Bill's manage to get it done so quickly?

· On July 1, Bill's Burger Bar appears for the first time on the Community Board 2's Agenda for a full license.
· Two weeks later, Hanson himself shows up to present his plans to the Board and is quickly approved.
· Hanson utilizes the SLA's new self-certification program, allowing Bill's to quickly advance its opening with a full license rather than waiting for the SLA to get to its application.
· Bill's Burger Bar is lock, stock and ready for your order, complete with early praise for its burger brand.

In what could be their first smart move in forever, the SLA's program actually allows responsible operators to open and serve booze while the agency slowly process their application. Owners who abuse this program open themselves up for severe fines and possible felony charges if they lie or mislead the SLA, which they will eventually discover when the application is finally processed. So while other would be restaurateurs struggle with escaping the Community Board grovel application stage, Sir Steve managed to get his license and open in record time.
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Bill's Bar & Burger

22 Ninth Avenue, New York, New York 10014 (212) 414-3003 Visit Website

Bill's Bar and Burger

22 Ninth Ave., New York, NY