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Sneak Peeking The Breslin Before the Big Debut

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[Horine, 10/15/09]

Yesterday afternoon Eater photog Sam Horine stopped by the soon to open Ken Friedman/April Bloomfield showstopper in the Ace Hotel, The Breslin, to check in on the progress. As is obvious above, workers were, and still are, scrambling to get the place presentable for its first diners and a very esteemed guest, the UK's famous Fergus Henderson. That's because tomorrow night, the restaurant opens for the second night of FergusStock 2009, a now annual event where the British chef comes to cook his nose-to-tail specialties stateside. He'll be serving a no reservations dinner at the Breslin tomorrow night and a brunch there the next day. Tonight's venue is, of course, the Pig. While the space will be spic and span by tomorrow, Friedman reveals all of the design details should be properly in place by sometime next week.
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The Breslin

16 West 29th Street, Manhattan, NY 10001 (212) 679-1939 Visit Website

The Breslin

20 West 29th St., New York, NY