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Trouble Brewing At Cafe Select

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It seems that all is not well at Cafe Select, Serge Becker's sweet Swiss cafe on Lafayette Street. An angry Select employee writes, "in the past month we've failed 2 health inspections, had a smoking inspection, noise complaints, and the labor department had to step in." A quick check of the DOH website confirms the claim, as the restaurant racked up 60 violation points during its last inspection, including a citation for "tobacco use, eating, drinking in food preparation, food storage or dishwashing area observed." Delicious.

Things apparently aren't so great in the super cool Back Room either, which has become a semi-private play pen for the hipster elite. The Angry Employee alleges that "patrons have taken to smoking and doing drugs in the Back Room. Even as a smoker working in those conditions are ridiculous." They may not have to work there much longer, because a second tipster tells Eater, "Cafe Select's back room closed abruptly last night. Insiders say that it was closed because of noise, smoking, drugs and numerous complaints from the community and the local cops." Calls to the restaurant went unanswered, but a visit found the place open and full of employees who say they were not working last night and have no knowledge of the run in.
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Cafe Select

212 Lafayette Street, New York, NY