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Potential Restaurant Barbershop Replacing Mercury Dime

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Fork in the Road wanders by the old Mercury Dime space, Sasha Petraske's coffee shop that closed this summer, and learns, "It's going to become a barbershop that will also offer massage. 'But we may also open a restaurant upstairs...'" Huh. A few issues:

1) Barbershop-restaurant?
2) If the neighbors wouldn't let Sasha Petraske sell wine in the joint (even resorting to sandwich boards), is a quaint restaurant really going to fly?
3) This place is teeny tiny.
4) Won't the mingling barbicide, hot shaving cream, and roasted chicken smells be a concern?
Or maybe it will be the coolest thing to happen to East 5th Street.
Update: From the tipline: "I represent the barber shop, barbiere., that's taking over the mercury dime space. There will be no restaurant upstairs. Just wanted to clarify. Thanks." Ah well, was fun while it lasted.
· Mercury Dime to Become Barbershop, Possibly Restaurant [Fork in the Road]

246 East 5th St., New York, NY