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Pollo Cafecito, Westville and Grey Dog Chelsea, and More!

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1) East Village: A rep from the restaurant reveals that Avenue C's Cuban gem Cafecito is opening part of its space as a new take out/rotisserie chicken/smoothie bar. It will be called Pollo Cafecito, will open later this month, and will "feature some never before seen in NYC treats." [PLYWOOD]

2) Chelsea: The signage for the third location of Westville (other locations are in the East and West Villages) is now up on 246 West 18th St. [PLYWOOD]

3) Chelsea: A tipster isn't super psyched about a new Chipotle on 8th Ave. between 17th and 18th in the old Foodbar space: "Construction has been going on for months. Interior is still pretty rough. But the sign is up and its another sign that Chelsea is just another outpost of the bland Upper West Side. Another Chipotle place. Wasn’t Olive Garden enough? Gracious Home wasn’t enough? Unique is out. Another neighborhood succumbs to homogenization." [PLYWOOD]

4) Upper West Side: According to a reader and the picture above, a new tapas place called Taberna is going in where Luzias Portuguese restaurant use to be on Amsterdam between 80th and 81st Streets. [PLYWOOD]

5) Chelsea: It's just a Chelsea day today! Another reader sends in a photo of the newly added Grey Dog signage in their new space in Chelsea on 16th Street between 7th and 8th: "plywood-y but they seem to be moving right along--hopefully still for their planned fall opening. We need it." [PLYWOOD]

6) Midtown: A tipster sends in a photo of yet another Financier Patisserie going in, this time on 48th between 6th and 7th Aves. across from the new 48 bar and lounge. [PLYWOOD]

7) East Village: By the looks of the building—it's been painted red, yellow, and black like a German flag—Swiss/German restaurant Heartbreak Cafe, owned by the person behind Pylos on East 7th Street, should be opening soon on Second and Second. [PLYWOOD]

8) FiDi: EV Grieve reports that a Good Burger and a Pret a Manger will be going in on Pearl Street between Gold Street and Maiden Lane, in the former home of the city's first ever World Trade Center. [PLYWOOD]

9) East Village: The new burger and beer bar on St. Marks place has a sign, above. [PLYWOOD]

10) Upper West Side: A tipster reports that the new Accademia di Vino signage has gone up in the former Dock's space on the UWS. The opening may be imminent. [PLYWOOD]


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