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ZombieWire: Yet Another Burittoville Rises From the Dead!

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Just three months after the first Burritoville rose from the dead and a year after all of the chain's Manhattan locations shuttered almost at once, the Burittoville in Chelsea has reopened. Could the chain be back on the mend? Perhaps, but a tipster's report isn't so promising:

The redesigned and streamlined interior, steps down from the street was reminiscent of a small Chipotle, with the same sort of assembly-line ordering counter. The menuboard had been slimmed down to a small list of options, with most of my favorite names (can you say Bob Marley's Last Burrito) missing.

A taste test confirmed my suspicions that the original recipes and employees were long gone. The delicious red salsa of old has been replaced with something more reminiscent of Tostitos brand jarred supermarket salsa. The chips were bland and thin, nothing like the awesome thick corn chips of the old establishment. The spinach and mushrooms of the Lost in Austin (one of the only names that seem to have survived the transition) were overcooked and mushy, and the brown rice had been substituted for some kind of Spanish rice. All in all, a total disappointment, like a bad remake of your favorite classic film.

Who knew they had such devout followers? Better get back those old recipes, before these old fans defect back to Chipotle and Qdoba.
· ZombieWire: BurritoVille Rises from the Dead [~ENY~]


264 West 23rd St., New York, NY