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The Crosby Bar

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Phone: 212-226-6400.
Status: Opened Yesterday
A stop by the brand spankin' new Crosby Street Hotel confirms that, as reported, The Crosby Bar opened to the public last night. This marks the first stateside location of a Firmdale family hotel from across the pond. For now, the bar will be serving up a list of classic cocktails ($18 each) such as mojitos and sidecars and will add more contemporary ones to the roster in the coming weeks. There's a full dining menu (found here) as well as an abbreviated selection of bar food with standard options like beef sliders to more unique ones like "cured duck spring rolls." Not only does the place simply feel a bit like its British brethren (the barkeep's got an accent), but The Crosby Bar will also be serving full afternoon tea. The dining menu will be served from 11-10:30 daily. She's certainly a looker folks.
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The Crosby Bar

79 Crosby St., New York, NY 10012