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Daniel Boulud's Bowery Baby, DBGB

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In the beginning, there was BruniBetting, followed by Ballpark Frank and, most recently, Wells Wagering. Tomorrow, the wheel turns again; herewith, the worldwide debut of Sift Happens.


Tomorrow, incoming New York Times restaurant critic Sam Sifton makes his worldwide "Restaurants" debut with a review of sweet baby DBGB, Daniel Boulud's Bowery dress-down.

PLAYBOOK: The Real Sift Shady is within his rights to issue either one or two stars to the downtown beer and sausage destination. If Sifton wishes to pick up where Frankie Boom Boom left off, he has to take into account Bruni's nearest data point, the two-starred Double Crown. If DBGB isn't as good as Double Crown, the Sifton tenure is going to be a lonnnng road ahead. On the other hand, if the Sift wants to start defining the stars for himself on day one—and maybe he should—DBGB probably gets one star, and he notes the solid hearty offerings, scattered blind spots, one-star-caliber noise level, and the all-in DB polish.
SIFT HAPPENS: On the other, other hand, if our man wasn't made (and DBGB says he mostly wasn't), and he hit the menu hard at rush hour and he wants to make clear that big name chefs will not have a pass on his watch, maybe Sift Happens and DBGB gets a goose egg. One Star Odds: 3-1; Two Stars: 4-1; Sift Happens Odds: 45-1. Place all bets ahead. [ DBGB Reviewed; NYT; after ~8 PM]

DBGB Kitchen & Bar

931 H Street Northwest, , DC 20001 (202) 695-7660 Visit Website


299 Bowery, New York, NY