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Hangover Observations: SWEET

Last night, dozens of highly regarded pastry chefs, their legions of helpers, countless gaggles of ladies in skimpy dresses, media freeloaders, and Duncan Hines gathered in the nether regions of Chelsea to attend Sweet, one of the fastest events (and one of the priciest) to sell out at the New York City Wine and Food Festival. Weirdly, there was no chocolate covered bacon to be found, at least upon our quick investigations. But cake was everywhere, as was champagne, and Locanda Verde's Karen DeMasco seemed to have won over the crowd with her dubiously named Ice Cream Sliders (people, it's an ice cream sandwich). Most importantly, our Eater contestant winner Jessica Mogardo—who is now a pastry chef at SD26—was serving up some delicious candied apples and was one of the only people to offer take home snacks, homemade brownies.
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