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Win Big at the Eater Blogger Lounge This Weekend

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This weekend, as part of the gala New York City Wine & Food Festival, Eater is hosting the second annual Eater Blogger Lounge. This year, we'll be setting up shop in the front living room at festival headquarters, aka The Standard, and entertaining quite the roster of chefs, celebrity chefs, super-famous celebrity chefs, and the food bloggers who love them. There'll be Macs on hand for blogger usage, courtesy of the Apple MePa store, and we'll be posting interviews and reports all weekend. (Here's a taste of last year's Eater Lounge to get the blood pumping.) If you're in the area between 11am-6pm on Saturday and Sunday, do say hello.

If you're not a food blogger—and, really, God bless you for that—there's still some fun to be had. Our friends at the Food Network are giving away four iPod Touches with the new Food Network Nighttime iPhone app pre-installed. The four iPod Touches will be given away at the Lounge promptly at 2pm by a very special guest; to win, you must be at the Eater Blogger Lounge at 2pm. But to get that far, you must first enter the contest, which involves a little something called anagrams.

Listed below you'll find the names of three chefs on this season's Next Iron Chef. Form as many English-language words as you can from each chef's name (without mixing letters between names) and email us all the words you create. The four entrants who make the most words out of the chef's names will be notified by 10am tomorrow morning and must then show up at the Eater Blogger Lounge at 2pm to win the prize. So, if you can't make it to the Lounge tomorrow at 2pm, please don't enter the contest.

Seamus Mullen
Amanda Freitag
Nate Appleman

Entries are due by midnight tonight. Good luck!

Contest fine print: Eater's decisions on what constitutes 'English language words' are final and cannot be challenged. Winners will be notified by email Saturday morning by 10am and must then show up to the Eater Blogger Lounge at 2pm to collect the prize; failure to show up by 2pm constitutes forfeiture of prize. In event of ties, four winners will be chosen at random. Employees of Eater and the Food Network are not eligible... unless winners don't show up. In which case, a mad Eater intern scramble may ensue. Please don't let that happen.

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· From The Eater Lounge 2008 Edition [~E~]

Eater Blogger Lounge at The Standard

848 Washington St, New York, NY