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Sneak Peeking (and Tasting!) at Bill's Bar and Burger

When two of the great burger authorities in the country whisper in your ear that the chefs at Steve Hanson's forthcoming Bill's Bar and Burger are serving up sample tastings for those brave enough to push through the unfinished doors, you pay attention. So a few minutes ago, we snuck out of the Eater Lounge and trailed Josh Ozersky and Nick Solares (above, with chef Paul Sale), had a taste—spoiler: it's fucking fantastic, the kind of burger that Corner Bistro's burger might dream of becoming—and a look around the transformation of the old Hog Pit space near the bottom of Ninth Avenue. Fear not, nostalgists: it's looking great. Opening about a week out. Brace.
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VITAL UPDATE: At least one high-level expert agrees.

Bill's Bar & Burger

22 Ninth Avenue, New York, New York 10014 (212) 414-3003 Visit Website

Bill's Bar and Burger

22 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY