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A Look Inside Meatpacking Beef Purveyor DeBragga & Spitler

It's no secret that the boys as DeBragga & Spitler Beef Purveyors supply some of the best cuts of meat to many of Manhattan's top restaurants. In a tour of their facilities as a part of the New York Wine and Food Festival, they imparted some of the genius and madness behind the creation of their premium meats. Leading a tour group clad in hairnets, butchers jackets and sanitary booties through DeBragga's aging rooms, head beef honcho George Faison explained the various techniques and secrets that make DeBragga the purveyor of choice for places like Craft Steak and the Momofukus. Hit the photogallery above for the full reveal.
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DeBragga and Spitler

826-D Washington Street, New York, NY