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Fabio Trabocchi Takes Over at Four Seasons

The Feedbag reports that Fabio Trabocchi, the former Fiamma chef and one of the city's biggest free agents since his restaurant closed last January, has been named the new chef at Four Seasons restaurant. He replaced Christian Albin, the restaurant's longtime chef who died suddenly of cancer late this summer, right in the middle of the space's 50th anniversary festivities.

He starts next week when he will debut a new fall menu. Cutlets is spot on: "Christian Albin had an understated seasonal style that suited the place’s ultra-cool image, but there’s no doubt that Trabhocchi’s dramatic efforts will bring a new excitement to the restaurant, which hadn’t had a lot of buzz among foodie types in recent years." It's a strangely good fit for a chef in search of another upscale home and a midtown veteran in need of a little kick in its step.
· Fabio Trabocchi in at The Four Seasons [TFB]

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Four Seasons

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