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The COntroversy COntinues at Lahey's Pizza Spot

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The Scene Outside Co. on Saturday Night [Photo Credit]

Chelsea: We have some good news and we have some bad news about the barely week-old Co., both of which lead to the same conclusion (spoiler: wait a few weeks before going). The good news for Lahey and Co. (get it) is that it's already drawing quite the foodie crowd. The scene just last night:

"...almost everyone was there. Jean-Georges Vongerichten occupied a big table with an entourage, that moved to another table when the Food and Wine group arrived. As I passed their table, I noted a pie covered with freshly shaved truffles. David Pasternack wandered in at some point, looked around, then went into the kitchen to talk to Jim Lahey...a small group dragged me there after the Saveur 100th issue party."
Quite a hotbed of industry types. But what about the proles?

If you take a trip over to a thread on Slice, the people are all up in arms about the place for a variety of reasons, many of which were brought up in our reader complaint two days ago: the lines are long, they frequently run out of dough, they charge $3 for a measly side of bread, the management is rude, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, an investor, gets a pie even when they're out of dough, and a funny but not really relevant claim: Adam Kuban is in Lahey's pocket and Slice is a "scam blog." We've had a couple of complaints sent to the tipline confirming the above shit show scenario.

But here's our take: It's a week old. A restaurant that opened over a year late after incredible build up on the blogs and the papers, with an owner and an investor who are much revered and well known in the food industry, was bound to be under siege upon opening. Wait it out, and eventually, the crowds will settle, the bad service staff will be culled, and the dough will be made in the right quantities. Hopefully. And if we were Jim Lahey, we'd be saving a pie for JGV too.
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