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The COntroversy Begins: Service Woes at Lahey's Newest

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The Scene Outside Co. on Saturday Night [Photo Credit]

Those who worship at the altar of Jim Lahey have been filling the blogs with praise for his new and long anticipated pizza spot Co., and honestly, it looks like he could have a win here. That said, you're not Una Pizza yet Co.; better get that act together. From the comments:

"Last night, we watched the waiter tell the two diners next to us...that the restaurant was OUT of PIZZA DOUGH. It was not even 10PM. The manager, at first refused to even come to the table to talk with the diners, and when he finally did show up he refused to cover even the cost of the drinks...
We were still discussing the horrible treatment the couple had received when NOT TEN MINUTES LATER, the hostess sat another group of 3 diners at the SAME TABLE. We waited for the waiter to come over and humbly apologize for a lack of dough, but instead they brought them FOUR PIZZAS!"
To be fair, they aren't even a week old, and it's common for new pizza joints to have dough issues. We'll await more critic and reader reports to see if Lahey has smoothed it all out.
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