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EaterWire: Problems at Terminal 5, Gusto Temporarily Shuttered, Trouble in Yelpland, and More

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JFK— According to a report in Crain's, OTG Management, the operators of the restaurants in JetBlue's new terminal, owe contractors $10 million: "'We worked 24 hours a day and got a six month project done in four months, to everyone’s delight,' Mr. Frankl said. 'The problem is, about two-thirds of the way through, we stopped getting payments.'" [Crain's]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—The Pussycat Lounge is getting a nice new makeover. Expect a food program soon: "He’s bringing back Shogun’s chef, Itako Oka, to serve what he describes as 'Revolutionary [War]–type food—pot roasts, hamburgers, a lot of smoked meats and fish” (there’s a smoker in the building). There may also be sushi." [GS]

SOBE— On Monday, the South Beach Wine & Food Fest will re-release tickets to a number of the sold-out events at this year’s festival including the Burger Bash with Rachael Ray, Bubble Q with Tom Colicchio, Harrah’s Casino Night with Paula, the Mouton Rothschild Dinner with Daniel Boulud and the Whole Foods Grand Tasting Tents. They can be purchased here. [EaterWire]

WEST VILLAGE— Grub Street reports that Gusto has been closed for the last couple of days due to a complaint from the Department of Consumer Affairs. They will reopen tomorrow. [GS]

YELPLAND— SF Yelper—and alleged really big liar—Christopher Norberg is being sued over one of his reviews. If it goes through, experts are predicting that the lawsuit could have repercussions throughout Yelpland because Yelpers would—shock!—have to be accountable for their actions: "'If Christopher loses then anyone on Yelp who writes a negative review better be careful,' said Michael Blacksburg, an attorney representing Norberg. 'This strikes at the heart of Yelp's business model and other Web sites that provide a bulletin board for people to state what they think of businesses in their community.'" [CNET via Eater SF]

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