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Clarifications: The Official Word on Sweetiepie's Concept

Last week we noted our confusion at a little dessert/sandwich shop/waffle house with a birdcage in the window called Sweetiepie. Last year, we heard it was going to be a coffee and pastry shop. Urban Daddy called it as a trippy dessert/absinthe spot. And then a look at the menu revealed it serves everything from pancakes to meatloaf and something for $75 called a Sweetpig. To help us understand the place, the GM shoots us a note:

"Thank you very much for featuring Sweetiepie on Eater. For the confusion of concept and opening; Sweetiepie is open to the public from Monday to Friday 12:00 noon to midnight and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to midnight. We are very kid friendly.
To describe the concept; American comfort food something for everyone at any time. The former Rumbelmaier’s or the Beverly Hills Hotel Café are the closest to compare to. A new level of elegance and style for the demanding guest, old European style mixed with the flair of the new world welcome to Sweetiepie world."
Ah, that clears up everything. Thankssomuch.
Update: One more thing: those curtains. He tells us the curtains remained in the windows after the opening while they were adding some detailing work. From now on, the windows will remain open.
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