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Competition for Wakiya Space Heats Up: Danny Meyer Shows Interest

Gramercy: First Stephen Starr, then Scott Conant, and now the future mayor himself, Mr. Danny Meyer, is interested in Ian Schrager's Wakiya space in the Gramercy Park Hotel. After negotiations with Starr fell through recently, we heard that Schrager was courting Scarpetta star Scott Conant (a notion the PR has since vehemently denied). A tipster tells us that Danny Meyer may be in the game as well, and his official word confirms the interest:

"The Gramercy Park Hotel's transformation has returned the storied landmark to its destination status. We admire Ian Schrager's unique vision and would be honored to be considered for the space."
Consider the hat thrown into the ring. Your move Ian.
· Ian Schrager Now Courting Scott Conant for Wakiya [~E~]


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