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Monday Opening Report: Co., Udon West, Bond Street Chocolate, Rooster's, 111 First Avenue Certified Open

The Scene Outside Co. on Saturday Night [Photo Credit]

1) Chelsea: A variety of sources including Slice have reported that Jim Lahey's Co. soft-opened last week and is already causing some mild hysteria. From Slice: "I am outraged that all you pizza tourists are crowding my neighborhood spot. Go back home and eat the abominable pizza in your own neighborhoods...Now, shoo!" Sietsema also posts this early review: "You won't be surprised to hear the crust is unimpeachable--cast in a malformed circle, it's light and bouncy, and charred around the edges...The margherita was one of the best pizzas I've tried this year..." Status: Certified Soft-Open. Opening officially on Friday. 230 Ninth Avenue, 212-243-1105. [Slice; VV]

2) East Village: A tipster writes in with a pic and word of a new chocolate shop called Bond Street Chocolate which curiously is not located on Bond Street. East Village Podcasts has the lowdown: "A New York City native, Chef Stern and her staff - primarily her industrious husband and relatives - have crafted a perfect candy wrapper for her unique chocolates with the opening of the small but mighty East 4th Street store. Ever bitten the head off a chocolate Buddha with gold-leaf trim? You will now." Status: Certified Open. But closed for the holidays until the 7th. 63 E. 4th Street; 212-677-5103. [Eater Inbox; EVP]

3) Midtown: Midtown Lunch reports that recession-friendly Udon West has opened in the former Teriyaki Boy space on E. 46th Street. He writes: " Udon West has opened in the old Teriyaki Boy space, serving up 13 different bowls of Udon under $10. They also have teriyaki, curry, and combinations (although the combinations are all over $10)..." Status: Certified Open. 150 East 46th Street; 212-922-9677. [ML]

4) Bed-Stuy: Bed-Stuy Blog has it that a new rotisserie joint called Rooster's opened two weeks ago on Lafayette Avenue. The offerings are as follows: "A few soups, salads and sandwiches as well as half, quarter and whole rotisserie chickens. Chickens come in plain, jerk, soy, lemon and cumin, and garlic and herb flavors. The chicken is hormone free, and they offer free-range chicken options as well." Status: Certified Open. 448a Lafayette Avenue; 718-230-0098.

5) Upper East Side: TONY reports that a new coffee/smoothie spot called Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies will open this week. They write: "Break out of your Starbucks and Jamba Juice rut at this coffee and smoothie joint, which offers 100 percent Kona coffee and natural, fat-free fruit-shake flavors like kiwi lemon-lime and black raspberry. " Status: Unknown. No answer to calls. 1598 Third Avenue; 212-289-1975. [TONY]

6) Midtown: TONY also reports on the opening of Schnipper's Quality Kitchen in the NYTimes Building. They write: "Hale & Hearty Soups founders Andrew and Jonathan Schnipper turn their attention to burgers and other comfort foods. Order classics like sloppy joes and mac and cheese at the counter and feel free to watch: Everything is made to order in the open kitchen." Status: Unknown. No answer to calls. NYTImes Building. 620 8th Avenue; 212-921-2400. [TONY]

7) Woodside: TONY has it that Sur Empanadas will open this week in Woodside, Queens. Here's the lowdown: " A small takeout counter from the owner of Covo opens in Woodside, selling Argentine arepas (made with wheat flour). The pockets are baked to order, and stuffed with fillings like beef with pimenton and cumin." Status: Unknown. No answer to calls. 45-57 47th Street, Woodside; 718-706-8646. [TONY]

8) East Village: Last week, DBTH had some info on the unimaginatively-named 111 First Avenue: "The last week of the December is not a standard time to open a restaurant, so we were surprised to see the newly unveiled 111 First Avenue. The space, which promises Small Plates and Wine, is putting the finishing touches on the interior and looks set to open any day now. That's great news for fans of, well, small plates and wine." Status: Certified Open. 111 First Avenue; 212-777-0440. UPDATE: This venue is the plywood vet Absinthe. [DBTH]


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