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SOBE Wine & Food '09: Previewing the Schlow Burger

The biggest event of the South Beach Wine and Food Fest—which begins in just 20 days people—is hands down the great Burger Bash. To get everyone appropriately pumped for this year's event, we'll be interviewing the top contenders. First up, the Feb '08 winner: Michael Schlow


The Burger Maker: Michael Schlow, chef/owner of Radius in Boston and last winter's winner of the South Beach Burger Bash. He didn't get a chance to compete this fall in the NYC contest, so he's here to win that title back.

Going into the Bash this year after winning last year's and missing the NYC version, what is your strategy? Well, you know our strategy has been the same all year: We have to go out there and play our game, you know, fairways and greens...fairways and greens. Make sure we take good shots, stay focused, stay within ourselves, keep their offense contained from the opening bell. It's gonna be noisy in there, and we want to make sure we keep the pressure up...get momentum on our side from the opening bell, put some points on the board early. We have to stay out of the rough, limit our mistakes, and make those important shots! Everyone on our team has worked so hard all year..If we can keep their offense off the field, limit their points, then I like our chances to win.

A sound strategy indeed. And have you learned anything from previous competitions? Be overly prepared...this way, when something goes wrong you've got plenty of time to deal.

What everyone really wants to know: What are you serving?: We'll be serving the same burger we served last year, but hopefully even better. It's a fairly simple burger, served with cheddar, crunchy onions, and horseradish-black pepper sauce. Our garnish this year will be 'magic carrots'...sorry, no, you don't get stoned from them.

Which is the team to beat? Seriously? These are the supermodels of badass after another! Anyone can win, anyone. Obviously there's a lot of attention on Katie Lee Joel since she won the NYC burger bash, so she better be bringing the goods! Bobby Flay and Morimoto are great chefs who will get a ton of votes by their mere presence, let alone their cooking prowess. But realistically any of these great chefs could win.

Favorite burger (besides the Schlow Burger): Never met a burger I didn't like, except fast food. If I had to pick one? It's not for sale, but my brother Robert makes the meanest bacon cheeseburger with chipotle mayo this side of the Hudson River.
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