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The Plywood Report: Spice, Yogi's, Southern Hospitality

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Welcome to the plywood report wherein Eater editors, correspondents, and tipsters report on the newest spots going up across the city. Have some new plywood in your nabe? Let us know.


1) East Village: A new Spice is moving into the corner space on East 10th and 4th Ave., formerly home to Rosie & Ting Noodles & Grille. Replacing the Malaysian spot for the Thai chain that is slowly swallowing the Village. [PLYWOOD]

2) Upper East Side: NYC Bartenders & Patrons reports that the iconic UWS dive bar Yogi's has found a new home after its closure last October..on the Upper East Side: "The new bar, located at 1754 2nd Avenue (between 91st and 92nd), is in the former Red Rock Roadhouse space, which went tits up more than a year ago...Tommy is in the process of getting his liquor license, and the bar could be open in time for St. Patrick’s Day." [PLYWOOD]

3) Chelsea: Grub Street brings word that Southern Hospitality may be looking for a new spot in Chelsea: " the looks of a Community Board 4 agenda, it may have its eyes on 765 Sixth Avenue between 26th and 25th Streets. The 2,786-square-foot spac...formerly housed Wish 26, an undertrafficked hip-hop/R&B lounge, and has been vacant for months." [PRE=PLYWOOD]