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Eater Inside: Casa La Femme

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Krieger, 1/28/09

West Village: Though a number of blogs and newsletters jumped the gun a couple weeks ago on the opening of the revival of Casa La Femme, she opens fully to to public in all her tented and gauzy glory tonight. Those of you who are familiar with the former iterations of this restaurant on Wooster St. and uptown, you know the drill. For the uninitiated, a quick run through:

The theme here is romantic Egyptian lounge. The whole restaurant is heavily done up and themed, hand carved chairs, wooden screens, belly dancing, and all—though no grass floor this time around. But the real closer tables are those (above) shrouded in organza netting. The whole space fits in about 180-200 people, so this is no small time affair.

The cuisine is touted as Alexandrian, featuring mezzes, hummus, phyllo pastries, grilled fish, lamb, etc. A limited menu, with aps $8-12, entrees $18-26, will be on offer for the time being with new dishes trickling in over the next few weeks. Take a peek, by downloading the menu here.

As is the issue with a number of places we've seen opening recently (La Fonda del Sol, Trigo, At Vermilion, Pranna, and on and on), recouping the cost of reno on this place and the rent seems an almost insurmountable task. So we wish them the best. Black Saturday should get them off to a good start. Further reading here.

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