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Ago-a-No-Go: Jean-Georges Drops Ago Deal

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Tribeca: Though the PR never confirmed the rumors, it was pretty much assumed by the food media that mega-restaurateur Jean-Georges Vongerichten's takeover of the Tribeca flop Ago was a done deal. First it was reported that Robert DeNiro would hire JGV for his flailing Ago. Then came the rumor Jean-Georges was eying the space, following by his personal confirmation that something was in the works, and his speculation about who he would hire as a chef (name dropping both Sullivan St./Co's Jim Lahey and Cru's Shea Gallante). Now DBTH reports it might not be happening after all:

"Jean Georges has apparently decided to abandon any plans for the Tribeca space, with his reps telling us 'preliminary discussions took place, but no actual agreement was ever made with Jean-Georges.' Guess it's back to the drawing board for Bobby D."
DBTH suspects all is not well in the JGV universe, that both his expansions and local staples might not be faring so well under the new economic strain. True or not, it's not the best time for anyone, Jean-Georges or no, to try an expensive overhaul of a failed space. We'll be keeping an eye out to see if JGV/DeNiro negotiations resume or if the Bobby goes after a new buyer.
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