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Sign of the Times: Announcing Damon Frugal Thursday

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Gramercy: Apparently one night of discount dining at Craft wasn't enough for chef/owner Tom Colicchio and chef Damon Wise. Just two weeks ago the pair launched Damon: Frugal Friday, a once a week restaurant held in the Craft private dining room featuring a menu of $10 and under small plates and drinks. Now, they're expanding the deal to this Thursday:

"The folks at Damon: Frugal Friday recognize that being frugal is a constant concern, so why just be frugal on Friday? This week, the restaurant will be open Thursday and Friday nights (Jan. 29th & 30th)."
Note, this is just for this week, but we're guessing we'll be getting similar announcements anytime when the PDR isn't booked and Wise feels up to the task. More info on the menu is here, and eGullet has a first hand account of one of the Damon dinners.
· STROKE OF GENIUS: Colicchio Launches Friday Night All-$10 Menu [~E~]
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