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Hangover Observations: Cochon 555

Chelsea: Yesterday, pork lovers, bloggers, chefs, farmers, wine pushers, and the beloved Zak Pelaccionator gathered in the Hiro Ballroom for New York's first Cochon 555, wherein five chefs prepared five heritage pigs and paired them with five local wines. The pairings were a tad DIY, but the five chefs—Corwin Kave (Fatty Crab), Mark Ladner (Del Posto), Juan Jose Cuervas (Eighty One), Bobby Hellen (Resto), and farmer Michael Clampffer (Mosefund Farm)—really brought it, and we're fairly certain everyone who attended is still sweating pork today. Read more reports here, here, here, and here, but first, some observations from last night, the night that was:

1) The event in general was tamer than we expected, but the table to be at was no question the Fatty Crab station. Foodies, kids, cougars, Zak Pelaccio, what more could one want? Cave served a pork basted in lardo and accompanied by a salad of fermented shrimp, pickled red chilies, Thai basil, and "lardo floss".

2) Amongst all the pork madness, there was a table of veggies for those who wanted to take a break from the meat fest. Interestingly enough it was barely touched.

3) After all the chefs ran out of food way too early (at around 6), nervous coordinators started to pass around hot dogs (or were they sandwiches?) in tin foil on platters in an attempt to coax attendees to stick around for the final awards.

4) Props to Chef Cuervas for trying to do six different dishes. Unfortunately, his ambition hurt his execution. His best effort: porchetta topped with cured belly and an herb salad.

5) Most disturbing drink pairing: Micharl Clampffer's lard martini, served alongside his consomme with braised head and toe dumplings and his heart bread pudding.

6) The judges were held in a separate room until the event was almost over, so most attendees had left by the time The Dash Feedbag's Josh Ozersky was let out of his cage.

7) The decision was based 49% on judges votes and 51% on guest votes. And the overall winner, the prince of pork—put your hands together for Corwin Kave of Fatty Crab.

8) Afterparty spot: the one and only Cabrito.
— Reporting by Rachel Schwab

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