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EaterWire: Balthazar Ripoffs, Padma's Project, and Martha Blogs About Co.

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SOHO— Zagat notices a restaurant in LA, Dusty's, has a website that looks strikingly similar to that of Balthazar. Perhaps the vibe and decor aren't the only aspects of the Soho staple copy cats are ripping off any more. [Zagat]

PADMAVERSE— Padma is branching out into food themed jewelry: "'It's inspired by things like seeds and pods, like cardamom, lentils and cloves.' Yum? The collection, which Padma has very creatively named 'Padma,' will debut at Bergdorf Goodman in May." [CItyFile]

CHELSEA— Martha Stewart gets into food blogging, running a photo gallery of food porn and design shots of Jim Lahey's three week-old Co. She just loves it: "Jim talked to us about his philosophy about pizza and its texture. And look - the menus are printed on the place mats!" [The Martha Blog via Slice]


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