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Resuscitations: Holland May Actually Come Back to Life

Hells Kitchen: Holland Bar, a beloved and grimy dive over on 9th between 39th and 40th, noted by Tony Bourdain as a "classic old man bar," was reported as closed and gutted last November. But before the city's dive bar aficionados had a chance to mourn, Lost City piped up to say that the owners were trying to negotiate with the landlord and that it could reopen after some renovations. Two and a half months later, the place is still gutted but EV Grieve has some credible to definitive good news to report:

"The sign is still on the wall. And! The fellow at East West Grocery right next door emphatically told me the Holland was reopening -- 'in two weeks.' Really? 'Yes, it is reopening.' After that, I stood out front and waited for the lone construction worker...Is the bar reopening? 'Yes.' Do you know when it will reopen? 'No.'"
There you have it Tony: according to both a construction worker and a deli guy, the Holland Bar will rise again. We await its debut.
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