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EaterWire: Grant Achatz the Movie, A Rally Cry for Il Mulino, A Voce 2.0, and More

CHICAGO— Menupages Chicago finds a tidbit hidden in an interview with filmmaker R.J. Cutler: "I'm starting work on a couple of films. One is about Grant Achatz, the great chef...his personal story is really what's extraordinary." The movie will be called "Taste." [MP Chicago]

SOHOTailor has just launched a new bar menu with all items under $11 including pickles, hot wings, huitalacoche corn dogs, cod croquettes, maple poached snails, and more. Download the menu here. [EaterWire]

COLUMBUS CIRCLE— A Voce chef Missy Robbins on expanding the restaurant into the old Cafe Gray space in the Time Warner Center: "We’re still planning a spring ‘09 opening, May, perhaps...We’re using the same chairs and tabletops but are also planning an antipasto bar. The old Café Gray kitchen is being rethought to allow more a direct view on Central Park." [The Feed]

GRAND CENTRAL— A comical report from the Twitter: "Food writers John T Edge & Brett Anderson are claiming they were kicked out of the Grand Central Oyster bar last night." [Twitter]

WEST VILLAGE— A mini rally cry from an Il Mulino fan: "My friend wanted Italian the other night so I told him to call Il Mulino to see if they had a res available anytime in the next week. Shockingly, they said, 'when ever you want' we went, the food was good as ever, but it was only 2/3 full. something I have never seen there. Actually, I have never been there when you could actually move in the front. everyone should use this time to go get what I think is the best Italian in ny." [Eater Comments]

A Voce

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Il Mulino

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