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Kurve Alert: Kurve Inches Closer to Becoming Rhong Tiam

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Krieger, 7/20/08

East Village: We've always thought that one day Andy Yang would give in and turn his domed Kurve, which is most likely hemorrhaging money right now, into another branch of his wildly successful restaurant Rhong Tiam. Perhaps we are getting closer to that day. A press release from the inbox:

"Tonight, Thursday, January 22, 2009, Rhong-Tiam Remixed debuts at Kurve. Rhong-Tiam's menu will be served in the restaurant, as well as $6-$8 vodka cocktails (in addition to Kurve's signature Petraske libations)."
Bring on the Rhong Tiam, keep the Petraske cocktails, fix that waitstaff, and this ship is on its way to being righted. The kitchen already makes Rhong Tiam food for delivery, so it's the next logical step. Now Andy, about that decor.
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