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Lessons in Inevitabilities: Ozersky gets the Gout

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It's finally happened. Lover of meats, scorner of vegetables, Josh Mr. Cutlets Ozersky has the gout. Unsurprisingly, he takes the disease in stride:

"What a triumph! Of course, there is the physical downside...but what is the point of living in a city so rife with pork belly confits, foie gras-stuffed chickens, testa ravioli, yorkshire puddings, and ramen bars?...I just want you, Feedbag readers, to know that I won’t be altering my lifestyle at all..."
A quick congrats to the Eater HQ worker who picked 1/21 in the office Mr.Cutlets/Gout pool. As a warning, see a sampling of some of his recent meals that could have led to the situation (3 am pork chop Cizzutty?) here.
· I Have Gout! [TFB]
· Interview with Cutty: Ozerksy on Citysearch, Chang and The Blog Formerly Known as Cutlets [~E~]

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